I have see acupuncturists for over 20 years and I can honestly say that Maureen is the best I have experienced. Her treatments are the most effective. It’s amazing, I always feel my best and most alive after a session with her. While the results of her work alone would keep me seeking her care, her warm manner is a lovely added bonus. Maureen listens. She cares. She remembers. You can ask her anything and I always feel like I can tell her even the most intimate nuances of my symptoms. I refer many people, of many ages and circumstances to her without reservation.

-Adrienne Fodor, Counselor

Maureen is an excellent acupuncturist and has a fantastic, personable, and bubbly attitude in all that she does. She is very sincere and her patients find great trust in her. She practices Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in her successful practice. After she completed her boards and became licensed, she personally sought me out for advanced tuition in the Master Tung Acupuncture system that I teach. She has readily applied my work in her clinic with great results. During the time I have known her, I have seen her as a person of high integrity and of great generosity, always willing to help those in need. Maureen is gifted with strong insight, a fine mind, intuition, good manners and etiquette, and the ability to eat bitter and endure. She is a fast learner and always seeks to better herself.

-Robert Chu, PhD, L.Ac., QME

Maureen is truly talented at what she does. Her ability to create an individualized treatment plan for me and my needs is unmatched. I’ve benefitted tremendously from receiving her treatments, and her newest venture into sound healing provides a truly unique experience. Her attention to detail and ability to recognize certain issues and deliver an effective treatment plan is simply awesome. I love her and would highly recommend her for anyone seeking mind body and soul maintenance or healing.

-Marissa Kanne

I have been seeing Maureen for about 4 years, due to chronic lower back pain and high blood pressure. She is simply amazing. A warm and patient listener, she is very attuned to what is going on with my body. Maureen explains everything that she will be doing and why, and has always treated me with respect. My favorite treatment is when Maureen uses the “cups” on my back, and I find this most effective when combined with her acupuncture treatments. Her space is beautiful – very peaceful and comfortable – and she is so warm and friendly. I always experience great relief after seeing her, and have been able to cut back on pain medications and even the frequency of my visits to her. I recommend Maureen to anyone that wants to feel better!

-Meryl Young